Free Psychic/Spiritual Readings

I can’t get this idea out of my mind so I decided to do it.

I am accepting that I have empathic/psychic abilities. I am at a point where I have learned to protect myself, and select what type of energy will come through with enough confidence. I’ve had a series of guides and courses in what has been a 12 year development, of which the main part has consisted in facing fear, and now accepting the gift. For a time it has seemed like a curse, now I’m accepting it as a gift and I want to use it to help people, so I need practice.

At least through January I am open to doing free readings through email as long as time permits (I have a day job). After that I will decide whether I continue to do this in general and how to go about it.

So, message me or contact me at if you are interested. All I ask for in return is some feedback.

What I’m willing to do:

– Sense your feelings, or emotions about a certain situation, but you must grant me permission to do so.

– Ask Spirit what advice would be useful for you.

– Teach you what I know about dealing with scary psychic perceptions that can cause a lot of fear and confusion.

– Dream interpretation.

What I need to know from you in an email:

– A clear question (think about what your intention is when you write the question).

– Any additional information/explanation about your intention is also helpful for me. It goes without saying that I only want to do readings with a good intention behind them.

Message me or email me at

I am a student, so all I ask in return is some feedback from you to know if I’m on track (or completely missing the mark),

So there, this is my offer,

All the best,

Luna Sol