Loving Myself: Breast Massage

A woman’s breasts are a wonderful source of joy.  If you want to love a woman’s body, love her breasts first. If you want to love your own body, love your breasts first.

This is part of a series I’m writing in search of expanding my sexuality towards the vaginal orgasm. These posts can be found in the category ‘Opening the Flower’.

In order to gain sensitivity in my body I have started to re-acknowledge my breasts. I’ve started with this about three weeks ago and have loved my breasts two or three times per week.

I thought that I had a good relationship with my breasts, but I realize now that I’ve been ignoring them. I just take them for granted, they are there and that’s that.

Practical exercise:

  • Massage breasts in a circular motion 100 times in one direction, and 100 times in the other direction. Smile at every turn.
  • Once nipples pop out, gently, and I repeat, gently, grab them between the thumb and index finger and turn them as if you’re turning the volume up and down with a knob. GENTLY. Repeat 100 times on each nipple. Keep smiling!

My experience with it:

I have medium sized breasts…ok..ok..they are on the small-to-medium range. I’m a b cup, they are not too big, but enough to grab.

As I started doing this I realized my breasts are sometimes kind of hard to the touch. They feel swollen and tender, touching them was a bit uncomfortable during the first 30 turns or so. There are also some hard nodules inside  them. I got a bit worried and checked with a doctor, everything is ok, they are just fibrous-type breasts. For some reason smiling at the same time felt a bit forced.

After a while, some kind of tension released and I started feeling rather happy. Smiling came easily then.  Also the nodules started dissipating, kind of like when a muscle releases trigger points. This gave me even more happiness. My nipples started surfacing more often also, they were laying kind of flat, and almost inside my breasts. Touching them was at first kind of painful, so I softly grabbed them in between my fingers and started gently turning around them. The happiness meter increased once more. I could also almost swear that my breasts have grown a bit in size since I started this.

I would recommend every woman to massage her breasts regularly. There have been nights when I’ve not been feeling up to the other exercises in my training (more on that later), so I just dedicate myself to the breast massage.

I also started feeling the connection between my breasts and my vagina. After 200 turns water definitely starts to flow, it is shy water at first, like a flower slightly misted by the morning dew.




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