Mass Hypnosis

An old one that keeps resonating in my mind…

Rising from the Abyss

Much of the world is living in a permanent state of mass hypnosis. Myself included. We look for things to amuse our senses to a point of overdrive. It’s either watching TV, listening to music, playing video games, and my personal favorite reading books. There are countless things in our environment that capture our attention- art pieces, advertisement, grafitti, songs, etc…We hardly get a moment where our senses are not being overly stimulated. I will not even talk about porn, but it is the extreme of these same patterns. How are we to ever get to know our own true selves in the middle of all this noise? At the same time, I think it is because we are lacking this knowledge of the inner self that we seek all these things that hypnotize us. We actually LIKE to get lost in a good book or film. We seek the…

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3 thoughts on “Mass Hypnosis

  1. Have you explored the mindfulness practices of Jon Kabat-Zinn? Just about everything you are concerned with & talking about clicks in with his same teachings.

    • Hey Carol,
      I’m not familiar with him at all. I’ll look it up though , thanks for pointing it out. I’ve tried a little bit of zazen which was like taking a breath of fresh air. I ought to go back to that….

      • He founded a stress relief center at UMass Medical based on Buddhist meditation practices but simplified them for the Western mindset. It is amazing how timely this is in a world literally dying of stress and overwhelm. I think it is key to healing. Your local library might have his books or audiobooks to explore.

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