Soul Call

What are the signs of a soul call? I am learning to identify them through a situation I am in right now.
I believe I am experiencing a very strong soul call. It took me completely by surprise and it is irresistible and almost intoxicating. Just like the person issuing it. It is a guy I don’t know too well, I’ve only talked to him a handful of times. During every conversation we’ve had I felt a deep connection to him, and his questions left me thinking for days. I believe I have the same effect on him, as he was quoting things I said to him more than a year ago.

He is a strange individual, extremely charismatic, handsome and charming, men want to be like him, women want to be with him. I’ve always taken care of not getting too close to him, as people like that are like a trap for empathic sensitive people like me. He had a rough time this past year, fell in love, had a failed relationship, lost two jobs, in all he’s been reevaluating his life and has gone through severe depressions. I’ve only seen him two or three times this year, and that has been enough for him to set his mark into my awareness. I’ve been analyzing the situation, and trying to detach myself from it to be objective. At a point I thought I’ve been falling in love with him, but I just know that although I feel strongly, that is not really the case. I don’t even know him. It is hard sometimes for an empath to separate my own feelings from those of others, to even know the difference. He is in love (with his last girlfriend), and I feel his deep love as if it were mine. And it hurts.

These are the reasons why I feel I am experiencing a soul call from him:
1. I have not had too much contact with him, but in the little contact we had we talked and shared rather intense and personal conversations.
2. After seeing him only twice in the past three weeks, I can’t stop thinking about him. In an obsessive sort of way. He seems to be always on my mind, in a way not characteristic of my own thought patterns. I believe I am hearing his thought patterns and taking them on (not uncommon for me as an empath).
3. I’ve been dreaming about him, about what he needs to overcome his crisis, about being together with him, about how I can help him.
4. I can feel people, and he feels like an open wound, looking for answers, comfort, anything to soothe the hurt.
5. At random times during the day he pops into my mind, like an unexpected visitor, tugging at me for attention.
6. I had a ‘vision’ of him. Sometimes, usually when people ask me to read them, but sometimes unrequested, I can ‘see’ or feel a person’s spirit or essence. It doesn’t tend to happen if the person does not want to show it. I saw into his mind, and the beautiful expanse of the sky that is his being, a fascinating starlit night.
7. He relates himself to the figure of a phoenix that burned out, which has some meaning for me, not easy to explain just now.
8. I feel I’ve always known him, although in reality I haven’t had a lot of contact with him.

So for all these reasons, and that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’, that other sense of ‘knowingness’; I believe he has issued a soul call to me. His soul recognizes that I could help him (which is true), and it is reaching out to me. His conscious self though, isn’t really looking for me. I asked him to come do sports with me (which is mostly what I do in my free time with my friends), and he never replied to my message. I would leave it at that, but I feel a constant tugging at my awareness. Like an invisible hand always tapping my shoulder asking me to look over. I don’t really know what to do, this obsessive thinking is taking a lot of my energy, and yet, his waking self does not respond to me. I would help him, but he needs to come to me. So here my answer to the soul call:

‘Come to me and allow me to take care of you. I will help you. I know how, I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it. Come to me, and let me touch your soul. I know how to help you heal yourself. I cannot do it for you, but I can soothe the way. Come to me, my door is open to you. But, if you will not come to me, freely, willingly, sincerely, and without games, then let me be. Cease your calling, get out of my awareness, respect the privacy of my dreams, and may you find your peace somewhere else.’

I’ve been repeating that every night, it seems to help diminish the obsessive though patterns, there are gaps in my awareness of him throughout the day. It is all I can do for now, I reached out to him, extended an invitation (in actual real life), he has to answer it. I cannot, and don’t want to, chase after him, I also know that it would not serve him if I do that. I’ve extended my hand out to him, it is up to him to grab it.
I’m baffled and exhausted, If anyone has any experience with this sort of thing I will appreciate some advice.

2 thoughts on “Soul Call

  1. This was really good. Im going through something similar with someone right now and I am too an empath. I can almost feel when his energy and there is a constant awareness. I hope you get the answers you need as I am looking for mine.

    • Hey Alison, thanks for answering, it’s good to know others experience similar situations. It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote this, and the tugging has diminished, but last night again I dreamed of him. Eveytime I learn something more of him, personal things that I have no business in knowing. I feel almost like an intruder, knowing these things about him, and yet it’s like rhe wants me to know. Sigh…. I know information, but I don’t know what to do with it….

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