Inhabitants of the Unseen Part II: Shadow people

I’ve been doubting whether a classification of the astral beings is useful or even possible. It is like trying to classify the types of waves in an ocean, they are all different, and yet they have depths in common. I was motivated to write this based on a series of posts in Gary Leigh’s website:

I’ve found it interesting to read, even if I don’t necessarily agree with all the posts. As I read, I realise/remember/know a few other things to tell. So, here I’ll share some of what I know, as far as I understand it, which might change as I evolve, and there is no guarantee that any of it is correct anway. Read with discernment in mind.

Today I will talk about shadow people. I was for a while thinking of a name for them and then a friend, ‘coincidenally’, sent me a story about them. Shadow people are pretty much everywhere, their energy feels to me like human energy. It is when you think you saw someone across the street and in reality there is no one. When you feel someone watching, or when you see a shadow move. I think almost everyone sees them, but we have an amazing ability to ignore what we see when it doesn’t fit into the stories we tell ourselves. But what exactly are shadow people? I can’t say I know for sure, but I have a couple of theories:

1. They are the remains of a deceased person’s personality. A shadow of who this person was in life, but without substance; a part of the deceased’s life energy sustains them, but they are mainly empty shells. They happen when a person is too attached to who they are in their lives at the moment of death. A shadow person will continue doing everything the person used to do in life, get up, prepare coffee, go to work, ride a bicycle, etc… They are formed when people where very attached to their habits for many years. Sometimes they are the outcome of a violent death not accepted by the dying person, although these are a different type of shadow, and may contain more of the essence of the deceased.

For example, I live in a building that used to be a monastery, so from time to time I dream of monks padding around holding a single candle in silent contemplation (winter is very dark here). In my previous apartment, also in an old building, I would dream of an old man who would get up every morning to make coffee and hardboiled eggs. Old habits die hard.

2. They can be constructs (refer to previous post), or they can subsist due to other people believing in them.

What to do about them?

Generally, they will fade out in time, as they have no real substance to keep going. I usually treat them in the same way I would treat a stranger walking down the street, a little smile, and a ‘good morning/evening’.  However, in the off chance that it holds a bit of essence of the deceased, I always whisper an extra tender ‘adios’ – goodbye in spanish, which means literally ‘go to God’. This with the intention that they come to know that they are dead and so will ‘give up the ghost’. Using the analogy of the waves above, it is a loving call for them to return to the depths, lay their heads and rest.

There is no need to be afraid of shadow people. Some are stronger than others, and they will feed off of emotion, so sometimes they tend to inspire in the living the same emotions that they brought up in those around them when they were alive. There are a few other entities who can pass as shadows, however their energy feels different, they are not quite so human. They are shadows, but they are not shadow people.

By being aware of shadows you begin to hone in your psychic skills (if that is of interest to you, of course), and since they are so close in energy to us humans, they are easy to spot. It is a good exercise in awareness, but don’t go looking for them. I also think that the occasional one that is ready to accept the call to give up the ghost is grateful for the kind reminder. A chance to do a good deed.

Or, I’ve just lost my mind completely and I give my good intentions to random bits of air.


2 thoughts on “Inhabitants of the Unseen Part II: Shadow people

  1. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every day.
    It’s always interestinng to read content from other writers and
    practihe a little something from their sites.

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