Beings of the Unseen Part 1: Constructs

Today I want to write about a type of ‘entitiy’ called a construct, for lack of better words. Constructs are both imaginary and real at the same time, and they are created when enough people believe in them with enough conviction.

Beings of the unseen- Part 1:

This will be part of a series of posts about beings of the astral or unseen dimensions. This blog was initially meant to explore psychic and self development phenomena. Latetly I’ve been writing a lot about yoga, since it is where my self development is taking place these days. However, I do not want to forget about the other explorations I want to carry out through this blog. I read a phrase once: ‘ I write to discover what I know’ (please let me know the author if you can). So back to constructs:

It is hard to tell which entities were born as constructs and which ones are pre existing and ‘other’. Regardless, all entities of the astral can grow through construct images or aspects of themselves. So, what exactly is a construct?

A simple example: say that enough people believe that the old house on the hill is haunted, this goes on from generation to generation. Eventually, people’s own beliefs will create a construct, and the house will truly be haunted. At this point, the construct has acquired ‘life of its own’ so to speak. It is a feeble existence, a construct will only be as strong as the belief that it exists. Once forgotten, a construct dissolves into raw energy once more, the place where it existed will be imbued with its vibrational field for some time.

To say that it is the result of people’s imagination is not to say that it is unreal, for humans have extraordinary creative powers of intention. So, a construct is an entity born purely out of intention. As such, the construct will have the characteristics it was imagined with. If it is a ghost haunting a house it will live up to its ideal, if it is a gnome helping plants grow, it will also live up to its ideal. This is not to say that actual ghosts and gnomes do not exist, or that they are all constructs. They can be a construct. 

Once a construct is strong enough, meaning once several people have created the image of it, but before it is too strong, it can be inhabited by another being in the astral. It would be a great source of energy for another archetype.

There are several types of constructs, more or less powerful:

1. Constructs of deities

2. Constructs of deceased loved ones: specially when they were a community leader and several people would want to contact the departed.

3. Constructs of failed infatuation/attachment (mistaken for love) : this one most people have created at some point in their lives, it is when you love the idea of someone more than the real someone. Idealizing a person can create a construct. This type of construct lives around the broken heart who created them, and cloud their view of reality. The real person will never live up to the ideal of the construct behind it.

There is much and more to be said about constructs but I’ll leave it at this for now. My point in starting with these types of entities is to highlight the creative power of intention that us humans have. We have influence over the unseen as much as the unseen has influence over us.

Love and light,

Luna sol


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