Remember the power of moonblood

About moonblood. almost every spiritual practice I know of recommends that women cease all spiritual activity, meditation and sexual activity during her moon days. I think this is wrong.
After a long time, one of Luna’s stories, more will follow:
Our blood days are when we are closest to instinct, we bleed and our blood has value. It connects us to the lower vibrations, the instinctual, the thick cool restful darkness. It can be incredibly powerful, we have access to all the lower vibrations during these days.  They are days of groundedness and inner awareness. The pelvis makes itself felt, so much so that sometimes it gets in the way of what we call daily living. Our blood days are when we can remember the blood magic  that runs through our unconscius collective. We have access to our blood freely given by nature, and yet we treat it as a nuisance, as dirt, as shame,  as garbage.
I long for the days in ages past when warm, dark, thick blood ran down my thigh to soak my bare toes and the wet earth under them. Nourishing the land with my offered chrysalis,  nourishing the wild ones.
We are privileged in this and we do not remember it. It was deemed so after the last women ruled society, after the blood magic was abused and misused. We were stripped, not of our given gift, but of our memory of it. Partly to protect us from ourselves, we are valuable, humanity cannot afford to lose women. ( or men for that matter, but that is another topic). We agreed to cover our glorious bodies, we agreed to appease the boiling of male blood, we agreed to submit. It went too far, and it is no longer necessary. 

Walking the path of the blood magic means walking the edges of the mind, the twisted kingdom as one author put it. It can lead to insanity, instability and entrapment. So many women walk it without knowing, here lies the danger.  So much of the stereotypical female hysteria, and all because we don’t remeber the power of the blood magic. I know that at least one of you, my sisters, will remember. Talk to me when  you do.

Remember, remember,  the red ember.
Remember, remember the lost blood,
Remember the wild winds of the waste,
Remember the humid storms of the night,
Remember the call of the deep.
Remember, remember, the red ember.


3 thoughts on “Remember the power of moonblood

  1. It’s amazing that we women have learned to treat our natural cycle as something repugnant. Thanks for reminding us that menstruation can be a precious time.
    I actually feel like the “ladies holiday” cessation of my Ashtanga asana practice keeps me more connected to my body. When I first started practicing Ashtanga, I thought it was patriarchal nonsense to stop practicing just because I was bleeding. But then my teacher explained it to me differently: When you engage mula bandha (root chakra lock) during asana practice, you are pulling energy in and up–why would you want to do that when your body is energetically pushing down and out? Now, I look forward to the time of rest and turning inward. Pattabhi Jois said to practie japa (mantra meditation) during ladies holiday. I think the first three days of my period is indeed an ideal time to celebrate the divine connection, but in a less physically demanding way than I normally do with my asana practice. Of course, I also like getting to sleep in for a few extra days every month!

    • Hi Emma,
      Thank you for sharing, I’ve been thinking specifically about the ‘ladies holiday’ in ashtanga yoga and trying to come to terms with it. I meant to ask my teacher, but he is a man, and I felt a bit embarrassed to ask. Which again, brought me to the thought of why do we see menstruation as something shameful. It is private, yes, but not shameful. So, your comment really answers my questions of the past few days with added perspective on the chance to connect to my body and cycle.
      I’ve always found that exercise helps relieve cramps, so I was wondering why ashtanga should be different. What you’re saying makes complete sense, though, we should help our body push out and down.
      Thanks again for your thoughts on this, you’ve answered my unasked question,
      Luna Sol

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