Free Readings, feelings and a few other things

I’ve been doing a bit of an experiment with these free readings. I’ve met very interesting people and I feel overall more grounded and empowered as I do on purpose what I’ve always experienced by default. So I want to continue offering free readings. Curiously enough I don’t get too many responses every time I post this, sometimes I think I would get more experience if  I charged for it, but I don’t really want to just now.
It works like this:
Send me an email to:
Write a well intentioned question and think about what it represents for you.
You may share as little or as much information as you are comfortable with.
I’ll sleep on it and get back to you at some point (sometimes it can take a few days, I might be busy or distracted)

What I offer:
I can feel emotions around an issue, sometimes I perceive images or dreams. I can also get an overall health feeling from a person, though I am not a doctor or health practitioner in any way, but I can give you general recommendations about the origin of the issue in your body. I can also interpret dreams.
I prefer not to tell the future, but can communicate possibilities.
In the past I wasn’t too eager to talk to spirits, but I will consider it now, so I can try to talk to deceased loved ones or others if they are available and the feeling is good.
I’m also becoming the guide I seek, so if you’re struggling with odd feelings and psychic abilities I’m willing to offer coaching. We  can think together about a development plan with follow up over time.
I also offer a friendly ear ( or eye) if you simply want to talk/write to someone.
If for whatever reason I can’t feel a reading for you I’ll let you know.

What I ask in return:
Smiles and good intentions (I’m serious about this *smile*).
Feedback so we can learn together.

Write to:

Hope to hear from you soon,
Love and light,
Luna Sol

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