Finding Wonder

Go for your dreams! never give up! find your passion! Break free from the system! This is what our culture today makes us strive for, and somehow if you have a but stable desk job, it’s like you’re failing at life. We look up to these ‘heroic’ characters who quit their job to start writing/traveling/painting/etc… But what about the silent office heroes? what about the hardworking parents who go to the office day in and day out to provide a better life for their children? what about those who just want to have a job that pays the bills? is that ‘wrong’? 

I have a desk job, it pays well, it is interesting at times, very boring at other times. I had to study many years to get here, degrees, standard examinations, languages, I did it all. Now I have my nice stable job, where I sit 8-10 hours in front of a computer every weekday (flexing my feet under the desk of course). On occasion I have to work weekends or holidays, but only on occasion. I have schedules and deadlines, meetings, appointments, and reports to hand in. I am evaluated every six months on my performance, I get graded.  When I walk out of the office I forget all about my job and hang out with friends, do yoga, speleo, write, etc… I’m glad I have this job, it is stable, pays the bills and if I were smart enough I could even save money. This job is not my passion, I chose it, and I like it, I’m proud to be here, but it is just a job.

Here is a crazy idea: what if…just what if…I decide to find the wonder in the deadlines, the meetings the appointments and the reports? What if I stick to my desk job and do all those things with openness of heart, and interest to do it well. What if I make a project out of finding wonder at my desk job?


Enjoy the ordinary, enjoy the routine, day in and day out of the same stable thing. What if I learn proper sitting posture so that my body will be strong enough to sit without pain for long work hours? what if I find myself absorbed in that report due tomorrow?

Just do your job, gladly every day, be glad to have enough health to be able to work, be glad to have a job, truly glad, be glad to go to the meetings, be glad to reach the deadline. Share a few laughs with the colleagues at the coffee break. Sit down again and enjoy the peaceful concentration of hours of mental work. Then, leave the office, and do all the other things you call ‘passion’ knowing that you are a reliable person, someone with values and work ethic. Someone who can enjoy things even when they don’t like to to them. Someone who will have your own back.

Here I’m deciding to find wonder in the routine, passion in the ordinary, love in the mundane.


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