Free Reading

As I am coming back to center, I feel a new openness in my heart, I feel good and want to spread it around. I want to continue my exploration of readings, I am a student at it, and I only ask that you give me some feedback in return.

This is how it works:

Send me a question to

Any information you want to share helps me, but you don’t need to share anything if you don’t feel like it.

I usually need a night or two of sleep to get a message for you (in dreams). On occasion it has taken longer.

I read into a combination of one or more: feelings, signs, dreams, health, and energy (it’s all energy really). I can also do a dream interpretation for you if you’re wondering the meaning of a particular dream.

I’m not a fan of predicting the future, I believe it can be done, but by the act of observing it and telling it,  it is changed, best leave it be. In my readings I see tendencies and signs that explain a situation rather than outcomes. 

Love and light,

Luna Sol


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