Plants and Healing: Bach Flowers and Calaguala

I’ve written often that I am looking for courage. Courage to face night terrors, to face shadows in the corners, all those dreams, all those departed.

By chance, I found out about Bach Flower Remedies. Click on the link to read more about it. The basic idea is that as you take them you become tuned to the vibration of the flowers they are made from. There are different flowers whose vibrations will neutralise different   emotional disorders. I was curious, but hesitant to really buy the little bottles. Two people, who don’t know each other, talked to me about Bach Flower remedies almost at the same time. A kind soul enabled me to try them, and for a few days now I’ve been taking them.

I’ve been thinking about what their energy is, and how they affect my energy. I’m taking three remedies known to deal with fear: rock rose, star of bethlehem, and mimulus.

They act in a very subtle manner. So subtle it is hard to notice, specially since I am doing some other not so subtle things to move my energy such as deep stretches and back bends in yoga.

The flowers, however, are subtly powerful. I’ve been seeing more shadows than usual, but I’ve been seeing them more and more with a sense of ‘naturality’, in a way just accepting. Accepting that I’ve always seen them, that whether they are the product of my own internal musings, or actual external things, they are real to me. It is natural to accept them. It is natural to pass by them on the street, as natural as passing next to a person on the same sidewalk. Most of them haven’t changed, but my perception and attitude towards them has changed. I say good morning and good evening to them, smile and wish them well on their journeys.

Then,  the most amazing thing happened. I started seeing colorful shadows, as contradictory as that sounds, yes, shadows with a color. The first color I saw was a beautiful electric-white-ish blue. After that, I saw a few other of the electric shadows. And after that I saw a rainbow shadow!! At times I also sense a beautiful smell of flowers around them.

I think this is the result of the changes I am undertaking, yoga is healing and opening up my body, and the flowers are helping accept the natural energy that comes with openness. Perhaps this is why I hadn’t succeeded before at maintaining a yoga practice, I wasn’t ready to receive all the energy and perceptions that come with the healing.

I’ve also been thinking of a plant I should get close to, it’s like the flowers are whispering to me. I have an injury in my back, and I feel there is some calcification in it, I’ve had pain for 12 years now, and it limits my range of motion.  I’ve also been thinking everyday about the Kalawalla plant, also called calaguala, I should get a remedy that contains it. It is a tropical type of fern used in alternative medicine to treat skin disorders, however, I know that my mother and grandmother got cured of arthritis by taking kalawalla. Yes, cured, as in after a treatment they didn’t have it anymore, despite what doctors would say about it. I begin to feel some pain in my joints, and much pain in my back. Every time I think about it I have the feeling that I’m loudly hearing KALAWALLA, even with a little kalawalla song. I’ll stop being difficult and just order it online.

Today I am thankful for having discovered the voices of the flowers. I’m grateful to my dear friends for pointing me to them. To you I smile.

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