Hearing Voices, should I listen?


I hear voices, they want to talk to me. I don’t know who ‘they’ are. As soon as I relax, I start hearing them, therefore I am in an almost constant state of tension. Blocking.

I trust in my room I am protected, I hear them outside, I hear them knocking on the door. I dream they try to open the door. I have the authority to keep the door locked. Last night I heard children’s voices, it’s been happening lately, they came running down the hall, and tried to open my door, and then I cleared it all out. I could barely sleep, as soon as I relaxed I heard the voices. Am I going crazy? they say that this is sign of mental disease. There are almost no children living in this building, only one or two small babies, and they live on the other wing where the family apartments are, and I hardly think they would be running down the halls at 4 or 5 am. I wonder if this building was ever a school, I know it was a monastery before the current owners bought it from the church and refurbished it into apartments.

They want to talk to me, I know some are spirits of the dead, and some are other types of spirits. Should I listen? Is it wise to talk to them? What can I possibly do for a spirit? I already dream them, their lives, their deaths, their emotions, what is the purpose of this?  I pray for them, that they might rest in peace.

There are others who were never alive in the world of men, they want to tell me a story of how they fell. I know this is the story they want to tell me, they want me to write it out for them. I don’t know if I really want to talk to them, don’t know if it is wise to talk to them. And, do I really want to write a text dictated by unknown voices? Can I even believe what I hear? I’m curious of course, as usual would like to help, but, what can I do? Should I listen?

I think all these voices want to talk in general, not specifically to me, it is just that most people can’t/wont hear them. So they are attracted to those who can sense them in some way. I’ve been working a lot on paying attention lately. All these things, voices and feelings have always been there, I’ve just trained myself to ignore them. It is amazing to what level I’ve tried to ignore them.

Why do they have to be so creepy? Maybe if I just heard them out on my own terms I could catch a full night’s sleep.

It is not all bad, there is a beautiful side to it. I’ve heard angels singing, I’ve heard the music of the spheres, and felt the inspiring touch of Spirit. I will write more about this in upcoming posts. I begin to feel the love and the peace blossoming inside me. I’ve heard all this beauty, and I also hear all the pain, as I open my perceptions I open them to all things. There is a good side and an uncomfortable side, ying yang, both are necessary.

I sent out an offer to do healing, I felt inspired by love,  I thought I was sending it out to people, but also spirits answered. I didn’t even know it was possible for a living person to do something for a spirit, other than pray that is. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? what can we possibly do for spirits? I appreciate any resources on the matter,

Lots of love,

Luna Sol

3 thoughts on “Hearing Voices, should I listen?

  1. Hi Love, I’ve been taught to pray before you do any healing / energy work. Pray that only your highest level guides, angels, archangels and masters are with you. Pray that the light is protecting and that you are safe in a bubble of white light. Also, invoke Archangel Michaels’ protection. He will protect you from anything and everything. As for the spirits, call upon Archangel Michael to send them into the light. That’s the only way that they will stop bothering you. If you don’t want to do that, tell them firmly in your mind to stop disturbing you. Set the intention of making them leave you alone. I think that by reading other people’s experiences may help as well. I hope that this helps, dear. Sending you light and protection from Archangel Michael 🙂 ❤ x

  2. Hey Dearest,
    Thank you for reminding me of Archangel Michael, he’s been showing up on signs in many places I look. I’ll be sure to call on him. I do usually pray before and after any type of meditation or healing/energy work. However, things seem to happen to me at all times of day or night. Specially night.
    My conflict here is, I know I am perfectly capable of shutting them all out and just plain ignoring. In fact, I’ve done it for continued periods of time, during these times I continue to have dreams, see shadows, and feel otherworldly things, but they become easy to ignore, so easy that I do it without knowing I am doing it. However, in doing this I also ignore a part of myself, which is what I am bringing into consciousness now. However, thank you also for reminding me that I can just tell them to stop. They will, I know it.
    The thing is, and this is where I am in conflict about his, that not all things that are uncomfortable are bad. See it with an earthly analogy, if I am driving along a street in a poor place and 20 beggar children come to the window of my car to ask for money, that is uncomfortable. I might even feel overwhelmed or threatened. I can shield myself inside my car, turn up the music so I don’t hear them, and pretend I don’t see them, or I can try to do something to help them. At least smile at them. It is not their fault that they are unfortunate. I feel the same way about these spirits that come to me, although I don’t really understand them fully. So I don’t want to just shut the window and make them go away, not if there is something I could actually do for them if I pay attention.
    So, yes it is uncomfortable, and I will do it on my terms, with caution and an angel next to me. But, I actually do want to try and do something to help, even if it is just acknowledging a name and saying a prayer. Can’t think of much else I could do. Growth happens outside of my comfort zone,
    Lots of love and light,
    Luna Sol

    • Hey Love,
      Please do be careful, alright? Remember that they’re not all positive, some may try to harm you. They’re like humans. Some are good, while others are bad and try to take advantage of you. I’ll forward you an e-mail that someone sent me a while back. I really do hope that that will help you and ease your uneasiness.
      Sending you love & light ❤ x

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