Free Psychic Readings, Remote Healing and Mentoring

Dear Readers,

Some weeks ago I posted that I would be doing free psychic readings, I’ve learned much and more through this exercise, and for the time being I want to continue doing it. Message me at:

I perceive a lot of information regardless of whether I’m focusing on a reading or not, I find that focusing the intention of what information I want to receive makes it a lot more manageable. Doing it for someone else makes it feel worthwhile. I feel people around me whether I want to or not, so focusing it on doing readings, answering people’s questions helps me make more sense out of it all. There has been the occasion when I didn’t get any message in regards to a reading, and that is also ok, I will be honest and let you know.

So I want to continue practicing, all I ask is some feedback in return so that we may both learn something from this exercise. I am offering a number of services, all free of charge, subject to time availability (I have a day job):

Remote healing:

 I want to start a formal practice of remote healing, which I have an ability for. I don’t guarantee results, and of course it doesn’t take the place of medical advise/treatment, it is a complement. Though a remote healing I can help you become aware about the root of a physical problem you might be experiencing, and I can give you a push in the right direction, but ultimately it is you who has to take care of yourself and change adverse lifestyles. I am here to help. I can also mentor you through a process of change.

Psychic Spiritual Reading:

This is what I had initially posted about free psychic readings, and it still applies:

What I’m willing to do:

– Sense your feelings, or emotions about a certain situation, but you must grant me permission to do so.

– Ask Spirit what advice would be useful for you.

– Teach you what I know about dealing with scary psychic perceptions that can cause a lot of fear and confusion.

– Dream interpretation.

What I need to know from you in an email:

– A clear question (think about what your intention is when you write the question).

– Any additional information/explanation about your intention is also helpful for me. It goes without saying that I only want to do readings with a good intention behind them.

Message me or email me at

I am a student, so all I ask in return is some feedback from you to know if I’m on track (or completely missing the mark),

So there, this is my offer,

Lots of love, 

Luna Sol

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