Time is a place

Something I learned sometime in elementary school:

We measure time according to the position of the earth in relationship to the sun. One full turn around the sun is one year, the year is made up of days and nights. As the earth spins along it’s own axis it either faces the sun, in the day, or away from it in the night.

In essence then, time is relative to the position of the earth and the sun.

Thus, time is a place and not a sequence.

It is the change of place, the motion, that creates the illusion of a sequence.

Time is constant motion. 

Time is relative to the sun.We could say that time is the rate of change of the position of the earth in relationship to the sun, a derivative. We are of course assuming that the sun is fixed and not moving. This assumption is wrong, of course, the sun moves. The assumption is not completely wrong if the proportion of the distance between the two is kept the same as they both move through time and space.  How do we track movement of the reference? we have no other measurable stable reference to measure it against. There is more to time than what we currently measure.
Conclusion: our interpretation of time is wrong. Useful for cycles and appointments, but wrong.

How does the sun measure time? probably not in relationship to the earth, it would be as if we measured time in relation to an ant moving around us.

So, if time is motion from one place to another, could we escape time if we ever stopped moving?

Could we go back in time if we moved backwards?

So hard to try to think outside of the idea of time. We’re conditioned to live in the sequence. How to break out of conditioning?




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