How I do a ‘reading’

A few days ago, I posted that would be doing free readings. I’m still doing that, read more about it here:

The process has been very interesting and empowering for me. So, how do I do a ‘reading’?

I always thought that it would be some sort of very mysterious process, that it would be like sitting down for a seance like you see in films, with candles and crystal balls and what not. For me, it is not like that at all. I realized, I’ve been doing ‘readings’ without specifically wanting to ever since I can remember. My most obvious ability is empathy, I can really feel what people around me feel. I think ought to write more about empathy in particular in a separate post, perhaps I’ll do it later.

First off, as I always do for myself anyway, I sought to protect myself. Throughout the years I’ve worked a lot on protecting myself, through visualizations and intentions of safety. My intention has always been to block out all kinds of extrasensory perceptions, since I’ve battled fear on major scales. This time, my intention was to block out all things with lower vibrations than mine, and let through only messages and perceptions from higher vibrations. It’s hard to explain it all, I supposes I’ve come up with my own patchwork of vocabulary as to what it all means. I study energy, and energy is composed of vibrations, it has a frequency. The vibrations themselves, whether slow or fast are neither good nor bad, only the intention behind them. I could write a whole manifesto about vibrations, ahh so many things I want to share. For now, I’ll just say that I had the intention to let in messages with good intentions behind them.

So, for me a ‘reading’ started with empathy, meaning feeling the other person’s feelings. On purpose! It always ‘just happened’ to me, I never really tried to do it on purpose. I always saw it as some sort of uncontrollable thing that sometimes makes me very uncomfortable. When I tried to do it on purpose, for someone online, who I’ve never met in real life, I was surprised at how naturally it came. It was just like what always happens to me, except this time I made it happen. That in itself was very empowering, I realized it is something I can DO, I have some say in it.

Next, I made the intention to perceive signs in relation to the reading. So, what exactly are signs? and where do you find them? I’ve given much thought and study to this topic. I’ve trained myself to see signs in relation to myself, however reading for myself is harder because I have all the noise of my own life in between myself and the signs. All my yearnings and desires get in the way so to speak. There are many tools that psychics use in order to see signs, such as the Tarot, i-Ching, or astrology. I’ve used some of these on occasion, and I recognize their value, but sometimes they feel limiting to me. So usually I opt for ‘feeling’ signs, I will for example be listening to the radio, feel a shiver and think a name. Again, this just ‘happens’ to me very often, this time I sought it. It happened, shivers and all, I was certain I was receiving my signs. It was a quiet certainty, if I thought too much about it my self doubting thoughts could drown it out. It was more feeling than thought, a certain ‘knowing’.

I am starting to meditate every evening, so I included my readings in my intentions for the meditation. I specifically focused on getting perceptions from my own inner guide. In the evening I had dreams, it is a different type of dream as the usual one. It is very vivid, I experience things in first person, I feel things in first person, and they are not always happy things. I wake up immediately after an image is set, and as soon as I wake up I think a certain name, or remember a certain person. That is how I know, I just know, that the dream was meant for that person and not for me. This is a big breakthrough for me; although I dream it in first person, it is not about me. It can be very confusing to suddenly feel something that is uncharacteristic of myself. These dreams I usually remember. I am learning to make sense out of them. I realize that ‘time’ in dreams is not linear in the way that we think of time in our waking life. In a dream, when I see an event, I see all the possible consequences or ‘futures’ of that event even as it is happening. I ‘remember’ that this event is what caused ‘this’ or ‘that’ other set of things, although none of them have happened yet. Wow, dreams, another big topic, I’ll leave it here for now. 


Finally, I interpret the signs, based on what signs mean to me. Throughout the years I’ve read many things about signs, some of them have stuck and certain things have a specific meaning to me. For example, water means sexuality, so when I dream I’m drowning I know I have sensual energy out of control. It is like the tarot, the cards have specific meanings, except things have the meaning that I myself have attached to them. So, I interpret based on my own experience, but I also perceive signs based on my own experience. It goes both ways.

Other readers use mediumship in order to hear messages from those departed. I’ve not really wanted to use this one, as I’m still fighting fear on this aspect, creepy, cold, fear. I have felt  and dreamed kind messages from my own dear departed, but never really on purpose. I have seen and felt other departed, often, but I’ve never really wanted to talk to them, they don’t always feel good. From the experience above, I suppose if I focused I could do it on purpose. It is an area I have yet to explore. I do however, know I receive some messages from higher beings, not deceased people, rather beings that are like angels, or guides, or white lights. The definition of what exactly they are is another big topic, but they feel inherently good. Trust intuition.

Back to the readings, doubt always creeps in, who am I to advise this person in their life? what if I’m wrong? what if I cause pain?. This self doubt is hard to overcome, but what can I say, the ‘knowing’ is undeniable. Through this process I am learning to trust myself, to trust my intuition, and listen to inner guidance. I’m not claiming to be an expert on this, I’m still a student, still much to learn. Feedback is very important to me, it is how I learn if I am interpreting in the right way, and I can see if I left something out, or mixed in my own banal thoughts. This experience has been very natural and at the same time very surprising to me.

The final step, and it is a step I just learned, the thing that sealed the deal so I could decide to go ahead and do this, is the ‘disconnect’. It is crucial and important to learn to close off my sensitivities. I read about it recently, and it just clicked, I thought: really? you can do that? wow!! I visualized a door inside me, closing, and a flower inside me closing, softly and kindly and yet firmly and tightly. Closing off was just as empowering as using intuition on purpose. It is such a relief! It is a bit uncomfortable to be closed off, imagine if you tried to stop smelling or hearing. And I know it is not a way to ‘block’ , blocking just brings conflict. By this closing off I don’t stop being myself, I’m just learning to keep perceptions within bounds that I can live with.

phew…That was a lot to write, many topics, feel free to ask me questions, or even request posts about things you’re interested in knowing more about. I’ll be happy to share what I know with you, I’ll also tell you if I don’t know, so that we can learn together.

I’m still doing free readings, so if you’re interested send an email to

Journey on, 

Luna Sol

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