I can’t shake out the memories of a dream I had last night. I was walking downtown with my parents on a day when workers usually demonstrate. There was a lot of hostility toward people who grew up without poverty. I was wearing my pajamas. In the dream I try to walk home (some 5 KM), as I start to walk towards my house I run across a little cemetery which is usually closed to the public. Everyone is jumping the fence to go in. I remember I’ve had dreams about this place before, it doesn’t exist in real life, but in my dream it is always in the same place. In a previous dream the place was empty and I explored it, it’s very beautiful. European style carvings, gates and gardening are everywhere in the small place. In this new dream there were people everywhere. I jump the fence, climb around a couple of gates, I see that some grave holes are being dug (some tombs are permanently open in that little cemetery),  and then decide to walk back home. I climb out of the locked cemetery and as I start walking back I run into a huge construction site, with all kinds of tractors and machines operating. No one can see me and I am afraid the machines will run over me, I ask one of the construction workers for help and he doesn’t understand and he appears to be in shock or dead. I manage to get out of the site but before I leave one of the construction workers looks at me and recites what seems like a poem, it rhymed and everything. I don’t remember the exact words but it was something like: ‘in this new adventure, many things shall you know and discover, through it all be brave and have courage, the truth is in you’…or something of the sort… I leave the site and walk beneath a bridge, there is an image of The Mother facing the wall, it is a small statue made out of concrete and never painted, it has some graffiti on it, and it appears to be crying against the wall. I can’t see it’s face but I touch it and say a prayer before walking on. Then I walk into a little space under the bridge, I stand beneath a window of what looks like a storage house, and right there I hear a little child coughing and immediately tumbling out the window towards me, already dead as it started falling. In that moment I know I found the ‘children gas-ers’ an underground group of people who kidnap children and them kill them with gas (the children die and are sort of frozen/petrified within 3 seconds of breathing the gas). At the same time, I remember that I’ve already dreamed of that place and seen many dead children tumbling out the window.  Nobody knows why they kidnap the children, or what they do with them before gassing them. I know that with my clandestine operation of righting wrongs I’ve been trying to find their location for some time. With that I decide to run and come back later with reinforcements before they see me although I hear other children’s voices inside and I know that I am leaving them there to meet their death.

After that I woke up. 

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