stop complaining

stop complaining, stop complaining, the positive one in me want me to stop complaining, but if I complain here I can keep it out of my daily life. Most people who know me think i´m a very positive person.

What´s the line between expressing and complaining? what’s the line between keeping quiet and repressing?

so many contradictions, it feels so hopeless. I just want to go home, seriously homesick….

3 thoughts on “stop complaining

  1. Hey there Luna Sol, I got your post via email before it changed. Wonder if this book might be of interest to you. It cracked me up in places, and also allayed some fears about some other things. Also opened my mind to all sorts of things I’d never heard of before.

    What’s Up Down There?: Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend
    By Lissa Rankin
    She has a website called Owning Pink.

    Expressing is good. Complaining is not bad either. 😉 Sometimes it is just a matter of stating it how it is. Warts and all.


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