The North Wind

The north wind touched my face, ruffled my hair, kissed my cheeks and made me blush. We recognized our spirits, I acknowledged the Wind from the North, and the North Wind made me remember myself. It’s been a long time since I came close to the North Wind, I haven’t lived this far north in this life, and this is not north enough for the north wind; it just came down to visit for a few days.

The north wind is calling me, he whispered a message in my ears, he told me that I’d find him again at the place where the northern lights dance.

I can’t say how I recognized the north wind, it was a special crispiness in the cold air, a quiet moment of static,  something that made me look up smile and blush into the wind. A thunderous whisper, like the sound of dancing blue sparks, and without my thinking it my spirit made me lift up my head to feel the wind full in my face and acknowledge the presence of the North Wind.



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