Who am I?

Or rather who are we?

A friend asked me a question the other day, something I couldn’t answer. She said, define yourself without mentioning the following things: name, gender, place of birth/habitation, occupation, studies.  So, the question is, who am I? not, where am I from or what do I do, but who am I?

I’m very unsettled that I don’t have an answer for that one. My first thought was, I’m  a spiritual being, and ok, that’s valid enough but it doesn’t ring completely true; that doesn’t mean it’s false, it’s just not completely true.

I could say I’m a student of life, I seek to learn about everything, about how to live and about myself. I enjoy learning for the sake of learning, this month I am learning how to ski, my objective is not the actual skying, but the learning process (a lot of time either eating snow or warming it with my butt). Still, that seems like not enough.

I am many, I could say that, but I feel like that is more a ‘state’ of things than a hard truth.  I don’t feel like I have more than one soul, whatever the soul is anyway, but I do feel like I have several ways of being, personalities so to speak. ‘Ways’ of being, not the same as ‘beings’. (it’s great to know that we all think we are the same being, or do we??)

I am a creator of ideas, not very concrete ones at the moment, but slowly solidifying. I like this one ‘creator of ideas’. However, it also doesn’t ring true, I am perplexed by knowledge, it’s like once I learn something I feel like I already knew it but had forgotten it. Like the process of learning for me is really a ‘remembering’. The same happens when I draw, once I start I feel like I am helping the figure out of the paper, it’s already there, I just need to help it come out. I’ve heard artists talk like this. This reminds me to look up more about the philosophy on the ‘world of ideas’…but I’m side tracking. So, instead of ‘creator of ideas’ I am a remember-er of ideas, would the right word be ‘remembrancer’?

I could also say that I’m an artist of sorts, but that one really rings false, art is something I do from time to time; not something I am. I can remember art, I can even make art, but am ‘I’ art? Every human body is a work of art, so maybe from that angle I ‘am’ art. Every mind is a world, so every mind is ‘art’, by definition but not by action. Am I art in action? If I’m not, this is one I would like to be.

 Am I defined by a set of emotions? I could list a few… cool headed, practical, smart, loving, funny, empathic, compassionate….or, lusty, envious, proud, vane, lazy, selfish…. Are emotions really an end? they seem so fickle…No, I am not a set of emotions, I am capable of emotion (up to a point) but I am not ’emotion’ personified.

We are adventurers, now that one rings true, I am an adventurer. Always looking for the next thrill, the next challenge, the next opportunity to change. Both physically and mentally.

What about this? who am I with respect to others? I don’t know….hopefully I help them ‘remember’ and ‘venture out’.

That’s all the time I have for now, but this is not over, deep question, needs more thinking. I should also think of the things I am that I don’t like. 

To wrap up, I am a ‘remembrancer’ and an ‘adventurer’ seeking to become ‘art in action’. 







8 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. That´s an interesting thought, is that how you answer the question? `who are you?`. For me, I would rephrase it, I would say ‘ I am an expression of creation’.

    While I do believe, in a way, in a God or Creator, I don´t really feel like defining myself in terms of that rings true for me. Because it is not something from within, it is something external and given; a starting point if you will. As humans we have the potential for everything, what we do with our free will is what we become. Hence the question, who are you?

    • “I would say ‘ I am an expression of creation’.”

      Funny, I had typed that, and then it didn’t really ring true for me. For me it is an internal and integral thing, rather than external. Being bonded with the source of the life force of all creation, which is Love. Some parts of creation have a broken bond with the creator. It is possible to heal the break.


      • Alright, so for you it’s internal, but I still think it’s a starting point. You are ‘an expression of the creator’ by definition, how are you living that in action?

      • “how are you living that in action?”
        Hmm. I live that by expressing. In particular by expressing love. ‘An expression expresses.’ I like the ‘remembrancer’ and adventurer, and the ‘art in action.’

        Your words ‘seeking to become’ kind of sum things up for me. It is like we are never really ‘there’ yet. We set our sights, and are always ‘on the way’ there.

        Good question, ‘Who Am I.’ Thought provoking. It helps me to ‘remember’ who I am…

      • I like where this is going, so another question (if you care to answer, I know it’s very personal); how do you express love? who do you express it to? how can you expand the circle of expression?
        Or more fundamentally, what is love?

      • Whoa girl, that is getting deep and perhaps they are questions that you could try answering, as related to your life. I’ll give it go…

        “how do you express love?”
        All sorts of ways. It could be a look, an action, or words. Sometimes it can be a non-action. Sometimes just being there. Sometimes not being there. Sometimes it can be in a gift.

        “Who do you express it to?”
        Everyone and everything possible for me at any time.

        “How can you expand the circle of expression?”
        I expect by expanding my circle of contacts, and extending my physical presence into different places.

        “Or more fundamentally, what is love?”
        That’s the biggie. What is love? Hard to define I reckon. What are your thoughts?

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