I had a nice social weekend but I did not do what I should have done, some language work and some exercise.

I’m stuck on the plan making for this year because I don’t want to make plans without my man who is not my man anymore. We had planned to do things together, and now I don’t want to do those things alone without him, trips and things. I wonder that I can’t get over myself and just love him fully and be happy with him. If happiness is the purpose of things anyhow.

I should write about the purpose of life, I lost mine somewhere. It’s a topic that’s too heavy on the shoulders for just this moment. I’ll think about it some more and try to post something, if it still interests me later this week.

I read a paragraph that really moved me recently, it’s part of a short story of a young couple in love who don’t feel lust for each other,  I’ll make my best effort to translate it:

” They are fallen angels; they are mesmerized by their corporeal natures but they ignore the sting of concupiscence. They are happy to feel the tangible cocoon but their being is still focused on the lukewarm perfume of their eternal souls”—AR


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