The Nether

There was a lonely cloud in the sky, it was wide and white and covered all the visible horizon. For all it’s width the cloud was jealous of the warm creatures that roamed beneath it. The sun above warmed it, but still it lacked warmth from below. One day, the cloud decided to go down and touch the ground. The creatures native to this land were not surprised, they had known other clouds that came down to visit. And so the cloud enjoyed the loamy scent it awakened in the ground, and the company of the warm little beings, until the warmth made all it’s contents condense and slowly it dissipated into a million, zillion little prisms of water. The warmth it was seeking would also be it’s undoing, but as it dissipated and became part of the earth, the cloud thought, I’ve known warmth from the sun above, and now I am life for the warmth below. So be it.

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