Must write

I fantasize everyday about writing in my blog, I think about what I would write, I come up with phrases that would explain my thoughts. I think about Luna’s stories. I think about it as if it is something impossible. This is ridiculous, I am perfectly capable of writing, and I am avoiding it for some reason. That means it is exactly what I need to do. The main reason to avoid it has been that I don’t want to split myself anymore, I don’t want to keep more secrets from the people in my life. There is no way I can let anyone I know read these thoughts, it just doesn’t fit with the person that they know; and yet if it is a secret if it is yet more about me that remains hidden.

However, I’ve come to the realization that this part already exists, it is already hidden, and perhaps revealing it anonymously will pave the road to revealing more of myself in my waking life. I must write, the words are already there, they are pushing to come out, they are desperate to pour out. Let’s see if this determination lasts more than just a few posts.

Luna Sol